What is NitroSports?

NitroSports is a data driven business and communication platform for clubs & associations & sports brands & sponsors. NitroSports creates a personalized fan experience and drives the major aspects of the club’s revenues regarding merchandise sales, ticket sales, fan loyalty & involvement and value for sponsors.

NitroSports works by providing personalised fan experience and builds individual fan & customer behaviour profiles. Systematically personalizes content and messages via all digital channels – websites, apps, emails, social media platforms and automates personalized & interactive communication with fans & customers.

NitroSports is a customizable modular platform that enables us to create a tailor-made fanbase management solution. Our platform is powered by BRAIN™, Nitro’s proprietary Customer Intelligence System – built on the experience of Nitro Communications Inc. in database marketing and marketing automation.

How we work

Our platform is easy to implement and connect to your existing channels (esp. social media, mobile apps, webshops, email communication) - no need for extensive integration
  • We create and continuously build a unified fan database
  • We boost the value of the fanbase by increasing loyalty
  • We increase revenue through boosting ticket and merchandise sales
  • We increase fan activity and event occupancy
  • We provide sponsors a platform to reach fans directly and interact with them
We set up and manage the NitroSports platform as a self-sufficient, outsourced solution
  • Assessment of existing channels (website, webshop, mobile app, email activities, etc.)
  • Analysis of currently available data
  • Development of fan / customer communication strategy – who / when / what message / offer to communicate
  • Technical setup / data integration
  • Complete execution of the program including regular fine-tunig: BRAIN automatically drives all fan profile-based communication while results are continuously monitored on BRAIN’s dashboard

Building blocks

Database building tools
    • On-line and on-site data capture tools
    • Digital Body Language
Fan profile builder
  • Segmentation engine – BRAIN™
Loyalty program tools
  • Gamification mechanism
  • Reward catalog
  • Couponing
  • Mobile app
  • Website / webshop / social media platforms
Campaign automation tools
  • Personalized email messages
  • Push notifications
  • Dynamic website and webshop content
The Integration Toolkit
  • Official website
  • Official mobile app
  • CRM system
Brain™ dashboard

The cooperation modell

We work in a solution-as-a-Service model:

  • Self-sufficient, outsourced solution
  • Low initial investment – most of our remuneration is revenue share-based

Behind Nitro Sports

NitroSports is a brand of Nitro Communications, Hungary’s leading agency in data driven sales & marketing. Focusing on database marketing, CRM and loyalty programs, lead generation and marketing automation, Nitro is generating measurable results for currently 30+ multinational clients, in Hungary and the neighboring countries. Programs are built on Nitro’s proprietary platforms like BRAIN Customer Intelligence System, GDPR Consent Memory, or Mobile Loyalty Platform.

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Budapest office (HQ)

Lajos st. 48-66.
1036 Budapest, Hungary


Berlin office

Köpenicker Straße 154.
10997 Berlin, Germany
+49 151 425 21911